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Aug 22, 2015Still Crushing the JUMBO PORGYS On the 7am Trips !

 Limits of big Porgys have been common on the morning trips and some of these Scup are HUGE !  ...
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Aug 20, 2015SLOB STRIPED BASS ON THE 7pm trips !!

Huge Striped bass have continued to come up on the 7 pm trips here's some pics from the last two nights.  Most fish in the 20-30 # range and a couple weighed over 40#.  ...
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Excellent Striped Bass fishing on last nights 7 pm trip with live eels for bait.   ...
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Aug 16, 2015Porgys Still Biting with Some Seabass Mixed In

 Porgy fishing has still been the name of the game.  Fishing has been good at some point in the day every day, but you just have to wait for the right time.  Some ni...
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Aug 10, 2015BIG PORGYS MOVE IN !!

Porgy fishing has kicked into grear again ! Some real big Scup have moved in very close to home and fish over 3 pounds have been common. ...
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Aug 03, 2015Seabass, Fluke + Ling !

 We have been catching some nice Fluke mixed in with Seabass lately.  We have also been doing some Ling fishing on the slower days.  ...
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Jul 27, 2015Weekend Seabass Ling n Cod Reports

We have still had good Seabass action for the most part on the 7 am trips.  A couple of days we hit the offshore Ling and Cod grounds to help fill the buckets when the Seabass...
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Jul 21, 2015Seabass Porgys and Triggerfish On the 7am Trips

Seabass fishing was good through Friday of last week, but they backed off a bit over the weekend.  There were some nice flurries of Triggerfish, Porgys and Ling Sat.and Sun. t...
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