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Nov 24, 2014Weekend Blackfishing Reports

 We are in the middle of prime Blackfishing season and catches have been good.  We were out Friday, Saturday and Sunday after a couple of days off due to bad weather earl...
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Nov 18, 2014Wednesday 7am trip also canceled

 We will not be sailing at 7am on Wed due to strong wind.   We will start up again wed night at 7am and Thursday at 7am.

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Nov 17, 2014Tuesday trips canceled

 We have canceled all trips on Tuesday.  Not sure about Wednesday yet we will let you know tomorrow.  Tog fishing has been good and when tgem weather clears we will ...
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Nov 13, 2014Tog and Stripers Bite Today & Last Night

 We had a full boat limt of Tog today and a couple of limits of Striped Bass  on last nights trip. ...
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Nov 10, 20147am Blackfishing Reports

 The Blackfishing was good through Friday of last week but fishing was tough over the weekend and Monday.  We had some shots of fish here and there but not the kind of fi...
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Nov 04, 2014Monday & Tuesday Blackfish Report + Night Stripers

 After the weather cleared we were back out there Monday and Election Day.  Monday was more of the same good fishng we have had with most of the 20 anglers on board limit...
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Nov 01, 2014Saturday & Sunday trips cancelled 11/1-11/2

 Due to the gale force winds predicted, all trip are cancelled for Satutday and Sunday 11/1 and 11/2.   We will resume fishing Mobday at 7am and 7pm.  ...
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Oct 31, 2014Blackfish Biting on The Morning Trips

 Capt. Tony has been sticking with the Blackfishing this week and with good results.  Limits are comon and poolfish have been  8 pounds plus Everday !   Tog sea...
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