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Aug 10, 2017Still Slamming The Porgys Day and Night

Come on down and fill your cooler with Porgy's !   ...
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Jul 31, 2017Good Fishing Continues for Porgys and Seabass

 We are still crushing the Porgy's day and night,  now with some bice Seabass mixed in !  The fishing has been very consistent and many limits of Porgys are reached ...
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Jul 24, 2017Still Spankin the Porgys plus a few Seabass

   Porgy Fishing remains solid both day and night now with some Black Seabass mixed in. ...
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Jul 14, 2017The Excellent Fishing Continues Day And Night

The Porgh fishing has not let up, we are still catching them Day and Night on The Marilyn Jean IV ! ...
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Jul 07, 2017Porgys Continue Biting Non Stop !

 Check out some pics from the last few days.  Many people have been Limiting Out on nice sized Porgy's !! Both the morning and night fishing trips are producing lots of ...
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Jun 30, 2017Porgys Are Still Biting Day And Night !!

Porgy fishing is still very good around here.  We had a little slower fishing on yesterday's day trip due to some choppy seas, but they were biting again on the night tri...
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Jun 22, 2017Porgys Are Biting Around the Clock !

 The Porgy Fishing has been SUPER !! Day and Night !  Many fishermen have been limiting out on Porgy's.  There have been a few Striped Bass and Bluefish mixed in es...
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Jun 17, 2017Best Porgy Fishing In Years !

 We have been CRUSHING the Porgy's on the morning and Evening trips.  Full boat limits yesterday and talready today !  This is the fishing you have been waiting for ...
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