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Oct 15, 20167AM Blacks and Porgys 7PM Night Stripers

Blacks starting to chew  on the 7am trips and there are still plenty of Porgys around. Last night the Striped Bass were on the feed, sucking down the Live Eels.  ...
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Oct 07, 2016Night Striped Bass Now at 7pm Bottom Fishing 7am

We will now be Strioed Bass fishing every night on our 7pm to 12 midnight trips.  We will be using Live eels and or Wirms for bait.  We caught a few Keeper Bass on last n...
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Sep 24, 2016Porgy Fishing Still Great... The Best In Years

 Yes the Ooegys are still biting there heads off day and night. Come on down and get your before try are gone for the winter. ...
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Sep 10, 2016Come on Down and Load Up on Porgys !

After a few days off due to the storm offshore, Porgy fishing has been insane !!    ...
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Aug 31, 2016Still Crushing the Porgys Day and Night !

 The Porgy fishing has not let up and has actually gotten better recently.  During the day trips there are some Sea bass mixed in and at night we have had 3-5, pound...
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Aug 17, 2016Porgys n Seabass in the AM Porgys n Blues at Night

Porgy fishing had still. Eem excellent on the 7am morning fishing trips.  There have also been more and more nice Seabass moving in to make for very happy anglers.  The n...
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Aug 08, 2016Porgys Hitting Day N Night !

 The Porgys have been biting on both the 7am -3pm and 7pm to 12 midnight trips.  There are  Seabass mixed In on the morning trips, and at night you may also catch so...
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some pics from the last few 7am trips.   ...
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