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March 23, 2012
Thursday & Friday Ling & Cod Fishing Reports

Thursday 3/22

Nice weather toady exept for the fog again, and a good crowd on board.  The fishing was definetely off a little bit today.  Everyone went home with some fish and high hooks were in the teens but it wasn't as easy as it has been to fill a bucket today.  

Friday 3/23 

Today was the day to come out,  nice temps and finally a break from the fog.  The Ling fishing was pretty good.  We did have to make a bunch of drops, but at the end of the day I think everyone was happy.  A few guys had over 30 Ling and there were a couple of Cod on board for the pool.

We will be sailing this weekend even if there is some rain around.  We may cancel Mon. and Tues. of next week with strong winds predicted.





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